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My80 is intended to be an i8080A instruction compatible processor. Now MY80 project by Mr.Kon which is based on this processor works fine. It can boot CP/M and can run Mbasic for i8080A also. I don't have feed back from Mr.Kon, enough. Then I am not so sure that My80 in this page is also bug free or not.

This processor was written with an HDL SFL . It will fit into an ALTERA's FLEX EPF10K30 or an ALTERA's FLEX EPF6016, and ALTR's MAX+PLUS2 BASELINE works just fine.
Who uses XLNX FPGA also may be able to use the PARTHENON/SFL, but I don't have any XLNX tools and could not test with XLNX.

Feel free to test My80, but please keep informing me about your opinion for this processor.

I place this file for the evaluation purposes only. Any commercial use of any files on this page must have a written acknowledgement from me.

Use the tristate bus library for synthesizing my80 with PARTHENON.

The kit works with HumanDATA Corp's CSP011-30A CPLD evaluation board.

See also mz80 for Z80 compatible.
For demonstration of my80, we contracted with Taito corporation to use 'Space Invaders' ROM image. Left picture is a video ram content that is a result of logic simulation. Right picture is a demo board for my80 running Space Invaders. This demo is fitting within an EPF10K30E including all logics such that MPU, color CRTC and sound generator.

Copyright of the charactors and program are reserved by Taito corporation.
(C) TAITO CORP. 1978-2002

D/A converter and RAM/ROM board for Invaders, for CQ publisher's FLEX 10KE evaluation board.

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School of Information Technology and Electronics, Tokai Univ.
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